The last update of the V4 series was 1.8.x. Due to hardware modifications, the latest updates (from 1.9.x onwards) are only possible starting from the V5 series. Of course, the BT Changer versions v2, v3, and v4 work perfectly with the original firmware, but if you wish to have the option to upgrade to 1.9.x or later software, then please send the device back to us. We will provide the solution for you free of charge, so that it remains upgradable in the future. You only need to pay the shipping costs.

The latest firmware can be download here:

12-03-2024 – btchanger.1.9.9.fw

  • BT Changer v6 support
previous versions:

01-03-2024 – btchanger.1.9.7.fw

  • NG 9-3 (2003-2006) support
  • Admin screen uppdate
  • OG 9-3, OG 9-5 new steering wheel buttons functions (VIDEO)
    – Metadata scrolling by pressing the steering wheel “next” button once
    – Metadata short pause by pressing the steering wheel “next” button twice

31-12-2023 (Happy New Year) – btchanger.1.8.5.fw

  • Support of special characters of metadata:
    – XM: ÀÁÂÃÄÅÆÇÈÉÊËÌÍÎÏÐÑÒÓÔÕÖ×ØÙÚÛÜÝÞßàáâãäåæçèéêëìíîïðñòóôõö÷øùúûüýþÿ
    – CDC: ÄÅÖØÜàäåèéêóôöøü

15-10-2023 – btchanger-1.7.0.fw

  • It supports the US market 9-3 navigation system.
  • Simplified settings interface
  • The 9-3 (2007-) and 9-5 (2006- ) head units seek function has been turned off due to compatibility problems with mobile phone operating systems. The track step functions is unchanged.

01-08-2023 – btchanger-1.6.3.fw

  • Volume display bugfix
  • Display with TECH2 (only og 9-3 and og 9-5)

26-06-2023 – btchanger-1.6.1.fw IMPORTANT UPDATE!

  • AIRBAG or PARK ASSIST bug fix for 9-3/9-5 with SID or SIU

29-05-2023 – btchanger.1.5.3.fw

  • Combined scroll for the Fujitsu head unit. (When press the REV/FWD button then scrolling will show the artist name and song title also.)
  • Metadata character bug fix
  • Firmware update bug fix

23-03-2023 – btchanger.1.4.5.fw

  • 12-character SID scroll bugfix

12-03-2023 – btchanger.1.4.4.fw

  • Fixed several playback bugs for NG 9-3 (2007-).
  • Meta scroll on button press.
    – for OG 9-3 and 9-5 NAVI: button 2,
    – for 9-3 (2007-) and 9-5 (2006-): press REV or FWD button
    – for OG 9-5: button 2 works, but we are still working on perfecting it

09-02-2023 – btchanger.1.4.1.fw

  • auto-play off (OG 9-3/9-5) It does not switch back to PLAY mode after PAUSE or STOP on the phone.
  • 2006- FUJITSU Head Unit (XM), one wired CAN support (BT Changer V3)

25-12-2022 – btchanger.1.3.5.fw

  • small metadata bug fix

02-12-2022 – btchanger.1.3.3.fw

  • resetting post-update values and “Please Setup” warning on SID
  • html view and the correction of the settings fields
  • wifi pairing method repair
  • new deep sleep algorithm

The latest firmware can be downloaded here:
04-11-2022 – btchanger.1.2.5.fw

  • 9-3 pairing button fix (CD 3 button)

28-10-2022 – btchanger.1.2.4.fw

  • Low Power mode. In the event that it needs to be connected to a continuous 12V supply (+30), such as placing it the BT Changer in the trunk.
  • Progress bar on the HTML page while updating

24-10-2022 – btchanger.1.2.1.fw

  • Display of metadata in two lines also for SID24
  • Faster response display (SIU/SID24)
  • When the Head Unit turns off then the bluetooth connection turns off too
  • Navigation head unit Palay/Pause button integration
  • iOS volume issue fix
  • Night Panel bug fix
  • Html factory reset bug fix

11-10-2022 – btchanger.1.1.0.fw

New functions, fixes:

  • Display metadata in two lines. The first row is set to the “4 CD” button, the second row to the “5 CD” button. (except for NAVI + 24 character SID).
  • Fix accent issues
  • Forward and backward button function switching. Short pressure stepping, long pressure winding.
  • New pairing button location (old pairing button is “3 D”, new button is “SEEK or SCAN DISK”)
  • The BT CHANGER can be rewritten as a unique text.

27-09-2022 – btchanger.1.0.2.fw
22-09-2022 – btchanger.1.0.0.fw
09-09-2022 – btchanger.0.0.7.fw

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