SID choice (OG9-3 / 9-5)

I’m sure there are more Saab Information Displays (SID) for the OG9-3 and 9-5 than you think. 🙂

At first glance, what sets them apart is that SID1 has 4 buttons while SID2 has 5 buttons. In the case of the 9-3, there’s no difference, but for the 9-5 in 2004, both the display and the connector changed. Of course, there are also differences in SID functions, but there are quite a few replacement options. The table below can help you find the OM part numbers. I hope I haven’t missed anything.

How do I know which SID to set?

SID12 (9-3 and older 9-5 models) can display a maximum of 12 letters or numbers, SID24 (9-5 from 2004) can display a maximum of 24 letters or numbers in one line. This must be configured via WIFI when setting up the BT Changer.

For the NG 9-3, there’s no question, you should set it to display 12 characters: SID12.

For the 9-5, it’s important to set the appropriate SID via WIFI, otherwise metadata display won’t work. There’s no external difference between SID12 and SID24; both have 5 buttons.
– If you know the OM number, the table can help.
– If you remove the SID, you’ll see that the 12-character SID has a deeper box, while the 24-character SID is shallower.
– SID12 has a wider 25-pin connector, while SID24 has a smaller 32-pin connector.



However, you don’t need to dismantle anything to see the difference.
– The characters on SID12 are larger, with thinner letters and numbers, for example, “I” is only one pixel wide. In the case of SID24, the letters and numbers are bolder, for example, “I” is two pixels wide.



What does SIU mean, and when should it be set?

After 2006, the SID was renamed to System Information Unit (SIU) and moved behind the Main Instrument Unit (MIU) into a small box. It uses the instrument cluster small display. If your 9-5 is from after 2006 and has this type of display, you should set it up: SIU

9-3 SID (2000-2003)
SAAB 9-3Model yearSID typOM numberExchangeCharacters
9-3 OG19989-3 SID1 (4 buttons)47104891280611812
9-3 OG1998-19999-3 SID1 (4 buttons) LHD47104891280611812
9-3 OG1998-19999-3 SID2 (5 buttons) With trip computer47102971280611912
9-3 OG1999-20009-3 SID1 (4 buttons)50381951280611812
9-3 OG1999-20009-3 SID2 (5 buttons) With trip computer50382031280611912
9-3 OG2001-20039-3 SID1 (4 buttons)52632151280611812
9-3 OG2001-20039-3 SID2 (5 buttons) With trip computer52632231280611912
9-5 SID (1999-2005)
SAAB 9-5Model yearSID typOM numberExchangeCharacters
9-5 OG119999-5 SID1 (4 buttons)50381791280612212
9-5 OG120009-5 SID1 (4 buttons)52601791280612212
9-5 OG120019-5 SID1 (4 buttons)1280612212
9-5 OG120009-5 SID2 (5 buttons)50381871280612512
9-5 OG120009-5 SID2 (5 buttons)52601874713368 – 5263249 – 1280612512
9-5 OG120019-5 SID2 (5 buttons12806125526324912
9-5 OG220029-5 SID1 (4 buttons)12806121526325612
9-5 OG220039-5 SID1 (4 buttons)12806120537132712
9-5 OG2200453742281276113124
9-5 OG22004Audio Premium (Pioneer)53757041276113124
9-5 OG22004Audio Premium (Pioneer) 53760171276113124
9-5 OG22005Audio Premium (Pioneer)127589071276113124
9-5 OG22005Audio Premium (Pioneer)1276113124
9-5 OG220029-5 SID2 (5 buttons) With trip computer12806124526326412
9-5 OG220039-5 SID2 (5 buttons) With trip computer12806123537138012
9-5 OG22004With trip computer53742281276113124
9-5 OG22004With trip computer53757041276113124
9-5 OG22004With trip computer53760171276113124
9-5 OG22005With trip computer125589071276113124
9-5 OG22005With trip computer12761131
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