The BT Changer module must be adjusted to the car when it is used for the first time. After a fresh install and updates (starting from 1.3.3), the warning text appears on the SID: “Please Setup”
All setup must be set in Wi-Fi mode.

For the 9-3 (2007-) and 9-5 (2006-) models, the basic settings are automatic, this step is not necessary, but the US navigation head unit must be set!


The settings of the BT Changer module can be made via a WiFi AP connection. By pressing the “6” CD button on the factory head unit, the module switches to WiFI mode. “WiFi Mode!” appears on the SID display. subtitle. On the mobile device, in the WiFi settings, select the “BT Changer” connection from your own network and connect. (Password: 12345678)
After a successful connection, the exclamation mark disappears from the display.

  • On Apple (iOS) and standard Android devices, a web page with the settings will open
  • On Samsung devices, type in any browser: (http:// no https://)


Bluetooth Name Bluetooth Name The name displayed on the mobile device of the BT Changer module. It is worth switching if there are several such devices in your environment. (default: BT Changer)

Default text The BT Changer module can also write individual text on the display up to 12 characters (up to 24 characters for 9-5 SID after 2004). The text can be set here. (default: BT Changer)

Type of Head Unit. Here you need to set exactly which head unit you are using the BT Changer for.

  • OG 9-3 and OG 9-5 with CLARION or PIONEER head unit
  • OG 9-5 whit DENSO navigation
  • NG 9-3 or OG 9-5 with FUJITSU head unit
  • NG 9-3 with DELPHI-GRUNDIG navigation. ONLY US MODEL!

Type of SID

  • For OG 9-3, only SID must be selected.
  • For OG 9-5, you have to choose between the 12 or 24 character SID. The 24-character SID was installed after 2004.
  • 9-5 after 2006, in the case of a display in the instrument cluster, the SIU must be selected

Volume Trim Volume compensation in dB. The BT Changer module connects to the head unit at a set volume regardless of the volume of the mobile device. If you can hear the volume difference between the radio and Bluetooth mode, you can turn it up or down here. (e.g. +10 or -3)

Enable scrolling. Here you can turn off metadata scrolling if it bothers you while driving. (default: ON)

Press the “Save” button after each change. Then you have to restart the device, for example with the “Restart” button.


The unique identifiers of the BT Changer.

  • The version number of the basic software (firmware)
  • The unique identifier, is the MAC address of the device

Restart Restart of the BT Changer. After restarting, the device switches to Bluetooth mode..

Factory Reset Restore factory values.


Firmware Updating the basic software of the BT Changer module. This is needed when new features or bug fixes are released. For example, hands-free mode can be activated with a firmware update in the future. The firmware file must first be downloaded to the phone and updated by specifying the path and clicking the “Firmware upload” button. A successful update is indicated by a dialog box. After the update, the module switches to Bluetooth mode. The updates can be downloaded here:

After the settings, you can exit the WiFi mode by pressing the RESTART or “1” CD button. In this case, it automatically switches back to Bluetooth mode.

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