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Égő Ákos e.v. (EU Tax ID: HU59711049) – hereinafter: Service Provider – operates the web shop called ‘Saab Shop’, in the course of which it processes the personal details and information of visitors and registered clients to the Web shop (hereinafter: Users.) Regarding the management of personal data, the Service Provider hereby notifies Users about the types and scope of personal data processed and managed by the Service Provider, about the guidelines and practices along which such data are processed, as well as about how interested parties may exercise their related rights.

The Service Provider respects the privacy of the visitors to the web shop, and handles all recorded personal information confidentially, in concord with all data protection regulations and international guidelines, as laid out in this privacy statement.

By entering and using the web shop, Users acknowledge the information set forth below and give their consent to the processing and management of their personal information as follows.

1. Purpose of Data Processing

The purpose of processing registration data is to identify web shop users. This is necessary in order to allow visitors to make purchases at the web shop; to properly document the course of fulfilment, to allow for invoicing, if applicable, and to serve as a proof of the sales contracts drawn up between the parties.

2. Legality of Data Processing

Data processing activities carried out by the Service Provider are governed by Act 112/2011 (passed on 11/07/2011) on informational self-determination and freedom of information, regulated by the voluntary consent of the User, as well as the Act 108/2001 on certain aspects of electronic trade services and services related to information society. By using the web shop, by registering, as well as by volunteering to submit certain required data, Users consent to data processing.

3. Specifying the Manager of Data

Égő Ákos e.v.

  • Address: 2051 Biatorbágy, Hold u. 3.
  • By e-mail:

Given that data management is performed with relation to Users who are also clients to the data processor, such activities need not be registered in the Privacy Protection registry, in line with Act 112/2011 on the protection of personal information and the public availability of data of public interest.

4. Period of Data Management

Personal data required during the registration process will be managed between the time of registering and the time of cancelling said registration. Data not required for registration are managed from when they are entered to when they are deleted. The Registration can be cancelled at any time by the User or by the Service Provider, in line with the conditions and means set forth in the General Terms and Conditions.

Logged data are stored for six (6) months following the time of logging, except for the date of the last visit which is automatically overwritten.

The stipulations listed above do not govern data management processes required by regulations (such as the Accounting Act), not does it refer to data management processes based on user consent volunteered during the web shop registration process or by any other means.

5. Scope of Managed Data

Registration. Persons or retailers seeking to establish a long term business relationship are required to provide the following data during registration:

  • Personal Data
  • Family name
  • First name
  • E-mail
  • Telephone #
  • Billing and Delivery Data
  • Street, House #
  • Town
  • ZIP Code
  • Country

After the data are submitted a confirmation e-mail is sent by the Service Provider informing the User about the successful completion of the registration process.

After the registration is completed the User may volunteer to provide further details of personal information if such data are necessary or beneficial for the completion of the services provided by the Service Provider.

Service Provider undertakes not to send electronic messages to the e-mail address provided by the User during the registration process, except for e-mails related to the services used by the User, and newsletters the User has specifically subscribed to.

6. Persons with Access to the Data; Transmission and Processing of Data.

Only the Service Provider as well as their employees may have primary access to Data. These persons access the Data exclusively in order to fulfil specific orders but will not publish the Data or share them with a third party.

Furthermore, access is gained by persons or companies working in liaison with the Service Provider on managing the IT system, fulfilling the order or managing the financials (such as webmaster, accountant, and courier service). The Service Provider will not be held accountable for the privacy protection practises of such third party suppliers or service providers.

Beyond and above these instanced, personal information pertaining to the User will only by transmitted in cases stipulated by legal regulations (e.g. if requested by authorities entitled to make such requests), or if specifically permitted by the User.

We accept payment via PayPal. When processing payments, we transfer some information to PayPal, including information necessary to process the payment, such as the total amount of the purchase and billing information. Details in PayPal’s Data Management Information.

7. Data Security

The Service Provider will take every precautionary measure necessary to ensure the protection of the personal information provided by the Users during both network communication and storage. Access to personal information is strictly restricted in order to prevent unauthorised viewing, modification or use of such data.

8. User Rights and Enforcement Options

The User has the right to request information from the Service Provider regarding his/her personal data managed by the Service Provider, and has the right to freely modify such data. The User also has the right to request the deletion of his/her personal data by contacting the Service Provider for that purpose (for contact details, see below).

If requested by the User, the Service Provider must provide information about the User’s personal data managed by the Service Provider, the purpose, duration and legal basis of such data management, as well as who, and for what purpose, may gain access to those personal data. Service Provider will provide the information in writing, within 30 (thirty) days of receiving the formal request.

The User may exercise his/hre rights at the contact points below:

  • By post: Égő Ákos e.v. 2051 Biatorbágy, Hold u. 3.
  • By e-mail:

The User may freely contact any co-worker of the Service Provider at either of the above addresses with his/her questions or remarks regarding the management of personal data.

The User has the right to request the modification or deletion of incorrectly recorded personal data. Certain data are user-modifiable through the web page, while others will be deleted by the Service Provider within three working days after receiving a request to do so. Once deleted, data are not recoverable. The right of deletion does not include data management processes required by legislation (e.g. Accounting Act). Such data are managed by the Service Provider over the duration set forth within the relevant legislation.

The User may, in line with Act 112/2011 on informational self-determination and freedom of information, enforce his/her rights in the courts, or request assistance from the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (NAIH).

Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság (National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information)

  • 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c.
  • Postal address: 1530 Budapest Pf. 5.
  • Telephone landline: +36 (1) 391 1400
  • Web:

If the User has registered with the personal data of a third party or has caused any damage in the course of using the web shop, the Service Provider may claim damages against the User. In such cases the Service Provider will assist authorities in every possible way in identifying the person who has committed the breach of contract.

9. Use of E-mail Addresses

The Service Provider ensures that all e-mail addresses managed by them are used along the guidelines set forth in relevant legislation, and that they will only use such e-mail addresses for the purposes of disseminating information or advertising as detailed below.

The primary purpose of managing e-mail addresses is to enable the identification of the User and to ensure proper communication in the course of fulfilling orders and providing services. Accordingly, e-mail addresses shall primarily be used for such purposes.

In case there is a change in the services provided by the Service Provider or the contents of the General Terms and Conditions, messages containing the details of said changes or information regarding other, similar services of the Service Provider may be transmitted to the User via e-mail. Users may not “opt out” from such notifications. However, such messages will never be used for advertising purposes.

The Service Provider may only send e-mails containing advertisements or marketing messages to the e-mail address provided by the User if the User has specifically agreed to receive such messages by subscribing to the newsletter, and only in line with legal regulations.

10. Miscellaneous Provisions

The Service Provider reserves the right to modify this present Privacy Statement without consulting the User. Such changes shall be communicated to the User prior to them taking effect. After such modification take effect, the implicit conduct of the User concerning the use of the services shall be interpreted as the voluntary acceptance of the contents of the modified Privacy Statement.

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