9-5 NAVI (2004-)


Method no.1

Plug & Play installation by CD Changer connector

This connector is the fastest and easiest way to connect to 9-5 models equipped with DENSO navigation.

A képhez tartozó alt jellemző üres; BT-Changer-Navi-installation-1024x517.jpg a fájlnév

Method no.2

Installation by soldering

The BT-Chanert can also be installed by soldering with a little skill. There is no need to cut the wire for connection, it is only necessary to connect it to the cable harness behind the head unit.

Important! The wire coming from legs 6 and 14 of the green K16C connector of the head unit must be joined together and the gray wire (audio body) of the BT Changer must be connected to it. You can skip this connection, but then these cables (6 red/white, 14 black) must be cut. If you don’t do this, the audio signal will be noisy.

If there is a CD storage in the car, it must be disconnected.
Attention! You have to work with several wires of the same color, they are not interchangeable.

For the wiring diagram, click the button below:


By touching the CDX button, you can activate the BT Changer as if it were a CD Changer.
The BT Changer automatically switches to Bluetooth mode during operation, but for exemple by pressing the “1” CD button you can switch back from WIFI mode.


A new mobile device can be paired by touching the “SCAN DISK” button. The display below the speedometer will then show “Pairing”. A successful pairing is indicated by “Pair Success”.

Display metadata on the SID

BT Changer can display the following meta data in both lines of the display below the speedometer.

  • Artist: the performer of the song
  • Album: the title of the album
  • Title: title of the track
  • No meta: only the BT Changer text or the custom text on the display
  • All text off: remove all text, the factory specifications are visible

By pressing the “4” DC button, you can select the contents of the first row and the “5” DC button you can select the content of the second row. Unfortunately, due to the physical limitations of the factory Saab display, only 12 characters are visible. By pressing the “2” DC button, the current metadata scrolls on the display.


Don’t forget to configure it via WiFi before use. Click the button for details:


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