9-3 facelift (2007-) US NAVI

The BT Changer can be used on all US/CA market Saabs that were equipped with a Delphi Grundig head unit and an XM module.
Can only be used with the following serial number head units: 12777838, 12779029, 12841612
It does not work with externally similar head units made for the EU market.

Principle of operation

The BT Changer simulates the operation of the factory satellite radio, the mobile device is connected to the line input of the XM channel via Bluetooth.
All other functions of the head unit (e.g. CD, AUX) remain unchanged.


The BT Changer module can be connected to the system with a special connector. Installation is plug and play, you only need to connect the BT Changer cable harness between the head unit and the factory cables, and it’s already working. The factory XM module in the trunk must be disconnected, the two do not work together.
It is important to set the head unit type via Wi-Fi before use.


Bluetooth mode can be activated by switching to the XM channel on the touch screen. In this case, metadata will also appear on the head unit display.
A new mobile device can be added by long pressing the “SEEK FF” button. In this case, the message “Pairing” is displayed, and the successful pairing is confirmed by “pairing success”.
By pressing the SEEK REW button for a long time, we enter the WIFI mode (WIFI mode message is visible), where we can make some basic settings, and here the device can be updated.

Steering wheel switch

In the case of the 9-3, it is only possible to adjust the volume (this is a feature of the factory system, unfortunately other functions cannot be solved).


Don’t forget to configure it via WiFi before use. Click the button for details:


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