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What head unit can I use the BT Changer for?
Saab 9-3 – 1998-2003 – CLARION PU-2135B (PU-2135B, PU-2134B)
Saab 9-3 – 2003-2006 – ICM1, ICM2, ICM3 + EHU
Saab 9-3 – 2007-2010 – FUJITSU
Saab 9-3 – Delphi Grundig Navigation But Only US version!
Saab 9-5 – 1998-2005 – PIONEER FX-N 2016 (FX-N 2116)
Saab 9-5 – 1998-2005 – CLARION PU-2147B (PU-2147A/C)
Saab 9-5 – 2005 – Denso Navigation
Saab 9-5 – 2006-2010 – Denso Navigation
Saab 9-5 – 2006-2010 – FUJITSU

What is the first step after installation?
After installation, it is very important to make the necessary settings via Wi-Fi.
(see also: The first setting)

Can it be used for post-2006 9-3 Grundig navigation?
The head unit installed in the European market models (12777282, 12779110, 12781856, 12841611) does not support XM radio, therefore the BT Changer cannot connect to these head units. It can probably be used for the 9-3 Grundig head unit made for the US market (12777838, 12779029, 12841612), but unfortunately, we have not been able to test it yet.

Can it be used for pre-2004 9-5 Kenwood navigation?
BT Changer has not yet been tested for this head unit.

Can it be used in a 2003-2006 9-3?
Yes, The BT Changer v5 has support the NG 9-3. Please read: Saab 9-3 (2003-2006) Bluetooth Expansion

Can it be used in 2010-2011 NG 9-5?
Not currently. If there is demand for it, maybe we will develop it in the future.

Can I use the BT Changer with the factory Bluetooth system in my car?
Yes. We also operate in parallel with the factory Saab system (for example, in some NG 9-3 models) and retrofitted Bluetooth speakerphones and headsets. It is necessary to set the BT Changer to be media audio and the other system to be phone audio. When there is a call, the music fades out and the speakerphone works as usual.

There is no CD Changer in the trunk. Can I use BT Changer?
Yes, no CD Changer required. What’s more, if you don’t have a CD Changer in your car, it can also be connected simply with BT Changer cable harness with connector.

Can it be controlled from a steering wheel switch?
Yes, volume and track steps can be controlled from the steering wheel. In the case of the 9-5 (2006- ), the right-hand control can be used to adjust the volume, and nex track (right upper/Play) and rew track (right lower/SRC).
In the case of the 9-3, it is only possible to adjust the volume (this is a feature of the factory system, unfortunately other functions cannot be solved).

Does it work as a handsfree?
BT Changer is currently just an audio receiver. For example, when playing music from the phone, the music fades out during an incoming call, and then it gets louder at the end of the call, so it cannot be used as a speakerphone. The hardware is also suitable for a two-way connection, so it can even work as a hands-free speaker in Bluetooth mode. In this case, it will be necessary to install an additional microphone or using OM microphone. At the moment this function is not yet active, but some harnesses are prepared for it (trunk versions are not). As soon as this becomes available in the future, it will be connecting to a microphone, connecting to the Head Unit “mute” wire and must be updating the BT Changer firmware. This feature will probably be available in 2024.

Will the Night Panel feature remain?
Yes, of course.

If the car indicates an error, but the music track is visible on the display or the SID, will I not see the error message?
Possible error messages and the Parking Radar (SPA) message take priority in all cases, that is, it will be displayed. In other words, you won’t miss any important system messages while using BT Changer.

What text data can appear on the display while using the BT Changer?
– Artist name
– The title of the number
– The music category
– Default text editable data (default setting: BT Changer)
– No metadata

Is it possible to display both artist name and track title?
Yes. On the SID displays, we can display data in two lines. Button 4 can be used to define the content of the top row, button 5 can be used to define the content of the bottom row. Each button press displays different data.

Few characters are displayed. The full name of the track is not visible. What can be done?
One of the buttons must be pressed on the head unit and the text will scroll once:
– Saab 9-3 (1998-2002), Saab 9-5 (1999-2005), Saab 9-5 NAVI (2004-) – button 2
– Saab 9-3 (2007-) and 9-5 (2006- ) – REV/FFV button

What do the lights on the device mean?
The BT Changer module indicates the operating modes with two different colored LEDs.
– Solid blue: Bluetooth mode, no Bluetooth connection
– Blue flashing: Bluetooth device connected
– Solid green: Wi-Fi mode
– Green flashing: Wi-Fi mode. Device connected

The blue LED on the device is constantly lit, even when I am not using it. My battery will draining?
BT Changer monitors all digital data communication. When this communication stops and the car also goes to suspended mode (this can be up to 20 minutes), the BT Changer also switches to low-power sleep mode. In this case, the blue LED goes out. If the data communication starts (even when a door is opened), the BT Changer also wakes up. The consumption of the BT Changer module during operation is 48 mA, in low consumption mode it is about 1 mA, it will not drain the battery.

What does v2, v3 v4, etc. mean?
V means version, numbering means generations. The value of the numbers indicates which Saab models it can be used for. Actually, there is a difference between the devices in terms of CAN protocols, the basic functions are the same. The higher the number, the more Saab models it can be used with. It is downward compatible.
v1 – basic functions + two-wire CAN
v2 – smart functions + two-wire CAN
v3 – smart functions + two-wire CAN + single-wire CAN (I-BUS)
v4 and v5– smart functions + two-wire CAN + single-wire CAN (I-BUS) + serial communication (UART)


Which countries do you deliver to?
We deliver to every country in the world where Magyar Posta delivers.

Who handles the delivery?
The delivery is handled by Magyar Posta. In the destination country, the delivery is usually carried out by the national postal service of that country.

How is it packaged?
The BT Changer is securely packaged in a bubble envelope and sent as a priority registered letter.

What is the shipping cost?
The shipping cost for BT Changer sets is free within the European Union. In other cases, a shipping fee of 10 EUR will be charged.

Do I need to pay customs duties and taxes on the package?
In every case, the taxes and customs duties are determined by the laws of the destination country. Within the European Union, there are no additional costs, but for packages outside the Union, it is possible that customs duties and/or taxes need to be paid (e.g., UK, Switzerland, USA, etc.). For packages outside the European Union, we always include a VN22 Customs Declaration.

Is the package traceable in Europe?
Every package is traceable within the European Union.

I received the tracking code, but I cannot track the package in the USA?
Unfortunately, there are many countries outside Europe (such as the USA) with which Magyar Posta does not have an agreement. Therefore, once the package leaves the EU territory, package tracking is not possible. Nevertheless, packages always arrive safely.

What is the delivery time?
The delivery time within Europe is generally 4-10 business days. Outside Europe, it is approximately 10-15 business days, and in extreme cases, it could be up to 4 weeks.


The first setup
The BT Changer module has been developed in such a way that it can be adapted to several Saab models and displays. Before you start using it, you need to set the head unit type and SID via Wi-Fi connection. Only then will it display the metadata correctly on the display or SID.

Should I connect to the device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?
Music playback is via Bluetooth connection, this should be used. Wi-Fi is for setup only.

What is Wi-Fi mode?
Wi-Fi mode is used to set up the device. There is no need to download any application, the mobile device connects to the BT Changer via Wi-Fi Accesspoint.

How can I switch to Wi-Fi mode?
One of the buttons must be pressed on the head unit:
– Saab 9-3 (1998-2002), Saab 9-5 (1999-2005), Saab 9-5 NAVI (2004-) – button 6
– Saab 9-3 (2007-) and 9-5 (2006- ) – By long pressing the SEEK BACK button
– Saab 9-3 (2003-2006) Press brake + accelerator pedal + left turn signal

When connecting to Wi-Fi, what is the code?

When connecting to Wi-Fi, it says that there is no internet, how can I set it up this way?
That’s right, because the mobile device is not connected via the Internet, but directly to the BT Changer. It only uses the Wi-Fi connection for data transfer, no internet connection is required.

Which button can I use to pair my phone?
– 9-3 (1998-2002) – Button 3
– 9-5 (1999-2005) – 3 or the SEEK button
– 9-5 NAVI (2004-) – SCAN DISCS button
– 9-3 (2007-) and 9-5 (2006- ) – by long pressing the “SEEK NEXT” button
– 9-3 (2003-2006) Press brake + accelerator pedal + right turn signal

Can I rewrite the Bluetooth device name?
Yes. You can rewrite it in the “Bluetooth Name” field in the SETUP settings, Wi-Fi mode.
(default setting: BT Changer) For example, it is worth rewriting if there are several such devices in your environment.

Can I rewrite the BT Changer text on the display?
Yes. You can rewrite it in the “Default text” field in the SETUP settings, Wi-Fi mode. (default: BT Changer)

How do I know which SID to set?
– For OG 9-3, only SID must be selected.
– For OG 9-5, you have to choose between the 12 or 24 character SID. The 24-character SID was installed after 2004, its resolution is more detailed, it can display more characters.
– For 9-5 DENSO NAVI after 2006, the SIU must be selected.

You can learn more about the SID setting by clicking here: SID choice (OG9-3 / 9-5)

In the case of black FUJITSU head units 2006-2010, I cannot set the SID.
It is not possible to set SID for this head unit, because the head unit shows the metadata.

What does Volume Trim mean in settings?
The audio volume of mobile devices may differ. When connected to the factory head unit, some – especially older – telephone devices sound quieter, such as the radio. This can be confusing, so the volume of the BT Changer can be adjusted in the SETUP settings. Volume compensation is in dB, it can be turned up or down. (e.g. +10 or -3)

What does “Identification” mean in the SETUP settings?
These data are the identifiers of the BT Changer module. The version number of the basic software (firmware) running on the device and the MAC address are the serial number of the device.

How can I update the module?
The firmware file must first be downloaded from our website to the phone, then updated by specifying the path and clicking the “Firmware upload” button. A successful update is indicated by a dialog box. After updating, it is worth doing a restart. After restarting, the module switches to Bluetooth mode and resets all previous settings.

If I have updated, do I need to configure the BT Changer again?
Yes. For security reasons, the device is reset after every update. After that, you have to connect again in Wi-Fi mode, set the data and pair your mobile device.

Do I need to update BT Changer?
With updates, BT Changer can get new functions. But if the device works without errors and the specific functions suit you, then there is no need for constant updates. We share current updates on our Facebook page and let you know if we’ve made an important fix. Updates are available here.

What does the exclamation mark (!) on the display mean?
The exclamation mark indicates (BT Changer!) that no mobile device is connected to the BT Changer.
After connecting, the exclamation mark disappears. This works in both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi mode.


Solder or connector?
The set with the solderable cable is cheaper, but it requires installation experience. The set with a connector is more expensive, but even the inexperienced can install it in minutes. (In the case of Saabs on the EU market, the FUJITSU (2006-2010) head unit can only be connected with a connector.)

What is the advantage of putting the BT Changer in the trunk?
A huge advantage is that it can be installed extremely quickly even without specialist knowledge. If there is a CD storage connector, then 10 minutes, if you connect for cable preparation, then only the removal and installation of the trunk upholstery takes longer. The disadvantage of mounting in the trunk is that the hands-free function will be more difficult to solve later due to the cabling.

What is the advantage of soldering it behind the head unit?
The installation is a little more difficult, takes longer (about an hour) and requires some skill, but the hands-free mode will be easier to connect later on. For those for whom this is an important aspect, I recommend this solution. The wiring harness kit is cheaper than the connectors.

I sold my car, can I transfer the BT Changer to another Saab?
The BT Changer module is a universal device, it depends on the setting how it communicates with the audio equipment and the SID. If you put it in a Saab that we support, it can of course be retrofitted, and the cable harness may need to be changed. For example, you can transfer from a 2000 OG 9-3 to a 2008 9-5, just change the wiring harness and do the settings via Wi-Fi

If there is a factory XM satellite receiver in my Saab, does it have to be unplugged when installing the BT Change?
Yes, both do not work at the same time. The connector must be pulled out of the XM module. In the case of models made for European markets, there is no need to deal with this, because they do not have an XM receiver installed.


The titles of the numbers do not appear on the display and/or the display flashes
The BT Changer module is not configured properly. It must be set up accurately via a Wi-Fi connection. (see also “The first setup“)

I set it to display the title of the track, but nothing appears.
BT Changer can display the metadata sent by the running application. For example, the free YouTube app doesn’t send any data, but if we connect to the same music over the web, in general it does.

I want to pair my phone, but BT Changer doesn’t see it.
Pairing must be enabled for security reasons. You have to press a button on the head unit and the pairing is possible for 60 seconds. In this case, the inscription “Pairing” appears. A successful pairing is indicated by “Pair Success”. (see also: Which button can I use to pair my phone?)

How come I can see the device in Wi-Fi mode, but Bluetooth is not connected.
The two modes are independent of each other and use two types of protocols for data transmission. For example, after an update, you lose the Bluetooth settings, so your phone does not see the BT Changer via Bluetooth. You have to pair it again.

I have a Samsung and nothing happens after entering Wi-Fi mode.
Unfortunately, Samsung (and some Android devices) do not automatically connect to the BT Changer SETUP interface. In this case, any URL such as “” should be typed into any browser. After that, the SETUP interface is visible. It is very important that it is http://, not https://! (see also: How can I switch to Wi-Fi mode?)

I have Android, my phone was automatically connected to the SETUP interface, everything works, but I can’t upload an update.
Unfortunately, this is also specific to some operating systems. The problem can be solved by entering any URL, for example “” in any browser after connecting to Wi-Fi mode. The SETUP interface seen here already allows file upload from the phone.

AIRBAG fault indication and/or PARK ASSIST FAILURE is displayed on the SID (SIU)
In the case of the 9-3 and 9-5 models equipped with SID (or SIU), it happened that the car indicated an airbag or parking radar error, or the BT Changer also worked strangely. Of course, there was no real fault with the car, only the alarm messages appeared. The error can be fixed by updating to at least 1.6.1.

The music randomly becomes quieter in the NG 9-3.
This issue is caused by a software bug in the Fujitsu head unit. The solution is simple. You need to disable the TP option on a tuned/programmed FM radio channel, and if you switch to XM mode after this, there won’t be any issues. Turning off TP and using the BT Changer will work perfectly. For more details, click here.

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