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BT Changer is entirely a Hungarian development. The device is being developed by Viktor Babrian and Ákos Égő.
In addition to numerous projects, Viktor has been producing programmable engine control electronics (ETUN) for racing cars since 1999. Ákos feels more at home in the world of Saabs, among other things he is the founder and leader of the Saab 900 Club Hungary. Together with several colleagues, their first joint project began in 2007 with the development of E85 bioethanol converters (BioETUN). Unique on the market, they made an E85 converter for direct injection engines, and they also achieved significant success with the E85 injection for diesel vehicles (BiFUEL). Due to changes in the market situation, the E85 project is currently on hold.

From 2017, Viktor and Ákos reconsidered some of the more problematic Saab electrical units. They have their own mirror folding electronics for OG 9-5 and also make center brake light and rear LED strip retrofit electronics for new generation 9-5.

The BT Changer project started in the spring of 2022. Starting on a new path, they first developed a Bluetooth audio adapter with CAN-BUS connection for the old generation 9-3 and 9-5 cars. The next stage of the development will be the 9-3 and 9-5 after 2006, and then the 9-3 between 2003-2006. They also aim to produce a reliable, professional Bluetooth module for Saab and other brands as well.

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